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UQES proudly presents the Econ Ball for 2018! Prepare your best poker face and heist worthy attire for an evening of black jack & formalities. The probability of getting a royal flush may only be 0.000154%, but the probability of having a great time lies at a guaranteed 100%. With that, there's only on question left to ask, are you in or out? Make sure you purchase membership before purchasing a ticket.

Reach out to the QPay team at support@quicklypay.it for great support.

Or for questions about the event, contact the student society on Facebook or at z.sarapa@uqes.com.au

Your QR tickets will be delivered to your mobile number via SMS  
To get your ticket in your pocket ready for scanning at the event, you can get the QPay iPhone App or Android App, just search 'qpay' on your phone. Or visit webapp.getqpay.com

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